Tusk loves squashing bugs!

Thank you for playing Tusk and Flame! We're incredibly proud of what this game has turned out to become and we're honored that you have taken the time to give it a try.

Today we're shipping a number of improvements and bug fixes that we weren't able to get to during the game jam, to make the game more reliable and more enjoyable. Included in the latest download:

-Flame's "Facing Up" and "Facing Down" artwork has been updated to make it more obvious which direction he is facing.

-Flame's tongue & fireball buttons have been swapped on controller.

-People kept hitting "Enter" instead of "Shift" when trying to initiate Flame's tongue while using keyboard controls, which caused them to skip levels unintentionally. We've changed the skip level button to "P" and moved the restart level button to "R."

-Splash screens are now proper resolution and thus more readable.

-Level 11 (previously unbeatable due to an invisible floor button) has been fixed.

-Fireballs now properly disappear when they hit an exit.

-Hit boxes have been adjusted so that less tedious precision is required to push and pull blocks.

-Flame can no longer pull a rock into Tusk, which previously cause poor Tusk to be stuck!

Remember: Tusk & Flame is intended to be played by two players! Please invite your friends over and give teamwork a shot. :)


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May 10, 2017

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